The Advantages of Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are a fantastic way to advertise and promote your business, product or event. They are one of the most popular forms of advertising and one of the oldest. There are several reasons why banners have been a great way to advertise over the years, and here’s why!

Less Expensive:

If you consider the amount of traffic that goes by a your location, and how many eye’s will fall on your banner, and you compare that to the amount of money to do a full advertising campaign online, TV ad’s and other marketing strategies, having a banner up can be just as affective and much easier on the pocket.

Faster Production:

Banner’s have a faster turn-around time than full signage. With a banner you just need to submit a design or have the sign shop’s graphic designer put something together, then have it printed! Sign shops will supply you the banner with grommets and hem already done.


Vinyl banners are made from a heavy, thick, durable material. They will stand up to weathering from rain, wind and other harsh elements, without tearing, for long periods of time. UV light from the sun will eventually fade the ink used on vinyl banners, but as mentioned above, they are a cost effecting way of advertising.

Easy Installation:

Banners are easy to install, as they come with grommets and a think durable hem. In a lot of cases they can be installed by you, but if needed it has a minimal cost to have it installed by your sign shop. They are versatile enough that you can hang them in a variety of places.


Banners are capable of reaching a wide demographic. Place it near a busy intersection, freeway or road and you can reach an incredibly wide audience. They can also make great temporary signs while your professional storefront sign is being built, hang a “Coming Soon” banner to let people know you’re in the neighbourhood!

If you’re considering a banner for your business, please give us a call!

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