3 Tips To Get Your Outdoor Signage Noticed

If you’re looking to boost sales and drive customers into your store it’s important to have a great sign.

I’m sure there has been a time when you’ve been driving along a road you’ve been down a million times and suddenly you notice a new business has cropped up, and you think to yourself “I should to check them out sometime.” But what did you notice? It was their signage. Maybe it was a bright colour that caught your eye; maybe it was illuminated and stood out from all of the others. Maybe it conveyed a welcoming feeling.

Most people make these judgments while they’re driving. They decide whether or not they’re willing to come back and go into that store. Sometimes they will stop right then and there. A great sign will make people stop.

 But what makes a great sign?

Location. How far from the street are you? Are you crowded by other competing businesses? Can potential customers easily find you?

Juniper Channel Letters are large and bold!

Channel Letters are a great way to catch a potential customers’ eye. They are LARGE and BOLD and are completely custom.

LED Signs will keep your signage catching eyes 24 hours a day! Even when your business is closed for the day you will still be attracting attention.

Size matters if you are located far from the road. That’s where pylon signs, A-frames, lawn signs, and directional’s, and the literal size of your store front sign comes in. You need to get your message in front of people, using a variety of methods.

London Executive Suites Billboard

Colour. The colour of your sign and branding can instantly influence how you are perceived. Colours play on the sub-conscious mind and can influence emotions. It’s an important factor to keep in mind while you are designing your logo and creating your branding/image.

LimeBlu Channel Letters

If you own a spa, then ideally you would choose a cool tone such blue, green or violet. These are calming colours that sub-consciously create a feeling of peace and serenity. On the other end of the spectrum we have the warm colours, like red, orange and yellow; these often covey a feeling of excitement and vitality.

It’s important to stay on brand, but to find a way that will separate your signage from the other business around you. The point is to get noticed!

Font. The choice of font for your sign is very important. Not only does it convey a sense of who you are, but it could mean the difference between someone being able to read your name from a distance or not.

Certain fonts can convey a feeling of trust and security. A solid, bold, sans serif font can make people feel more trust and security with your company. Whereas a light, script font can give the impression of being more high-end.

However, using a script font for a sign face that is set back from the road will be extremely hard to read. Likewise a solid, bold font might not stand out as much.

This is where we combine location, size, color and font to make a great sign.

If you’re considering exterior signage for your business, please give us a call!

Why Design has been in the sign industry for 20 years. We can help you with all aspects of your signage needs from consultation to design to fabrication to permits to installation! We do it all!

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